Missing iPad – help!


A Weigle Information Commons iPad 2 that was used in the Social Media Tech Tools unworkshop at 1pm in the Collaborative Classroom (1st Fl. west side) is missing. It says “WIC #15″ on the back and has a light gray smart cover. If you have seen it or have it by accident, please let us know! You can email us at wic1@pobox.upenn.edu.

Twitter Feed for today


Connecting to WiFi: AirPennNet-Guest


Please follow these instructions to connect to the wireless network, AirPennNet-Guest:

1. When on campus, open a web browser. Attempt to visit the www.upenn.edu homepage if you are not automatically redirected to the “Welcome to the AirPennNet-Guest Wireless Service” page.

2. Follow the ‘Group Code’ link.

3. Enter the Group Code: C-HTBVSHKY

4. Enter your name, phone number, and e-mail address and submit the form.

5. In order to complete the process, please wait a few moments and toggle your wireless adapter off and on and then reconnect to the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network. If the connection fails, or if you are redirected to the welcome page again, please reboot your device.

Now is the time for YOU to propose an Unconference Session!


We would like to aim for 40 unconference sessions in three time-slots – each person could participate in 3 sessions. Please consider proposing a session topic using this form: http://tinyurl.com/q6xvyzw

You are not expected to make a presentation or be an expert. The only expectations are that you will facilitate the session, select a note-taker and make all the people feel welcome. If your group runs out of conversation or activity, you should feel free to switch or adjust the topic as needed.

A sentence or two is plenty! We’ll create a short (six-word) title for each session. We’ll collect proposals through Thursday morning, and ask for on-the-spot proposals during the planning time.

This THATCamp page provides some general guidelines on how proposals could work: http://thatcamp.org/help/go/proposals/

What you need to know for Friday June 20


Hello everyone,

We have 168 people registered now from many organizations for PhillyDH@Penn 2014 and it promises to be a fun day! We plan for the day to be informal, light-hearted and highly interactive.

Where are you going? See the Location info.
No breakfast, so bring your coffee. ┬áThere’s coffee across the street and in the cafe in the basement of the library. ┬áLunch will be provided.

On June 20, please bring your Photo ID or PennCard for building entry. Also, please bring your laptop (or iPad) and charger along if you can. If you have a mobile device, please download and install Xpress Connect before arriving on Friday morning – it is required for mobile devices to access Penn wireless. It can be downloaded to your mobile device here: http://airpennnet-help.net.isc.upenn.edu/page4_download.html

Please see the schedule for the day.

Here’s one person’s take on The Rules of Unconferences.

We’ll use publicly-editable Google Docs to take notes at each session. Each proposal has a blog post on the site that connects to the notes document. (Please feel free to send edits and corrections on the website.)

Any questions or concerns? Please let us know.

The Organizing Committee

DH Pedagogy

Jim Casey

DH Pedagogy

Many DH pedagogy assignments focus on single projects or within single semester. I’m working on a large collaborative project that persists over multiple semester and I’m interested in brainstorming about practices and concepts related to that work.

Latin/Greek Resource Using Django

Julie Ta

Latin/Greek Resource Using Django

I’d like to gain some input and advice as well as brainstorm ideas about a project I’ve been working on this summer involving a large database of Latin and Greek vocabulary accumulated by Belgian monks to create a resource online for students studying Latin and Greek texts.

Ray Evans Hollywood Lyricist Collections Website

John Anderies

Ray Evans Hollywood Lyricist Collections Website

The Ray papers of Hollywood lyricist Evans are here at Penn. As part of the project to process the papers we will be making a website that highlights the collection and its applicability for research. Besides doing a life and works site, are there novel ways of presenting the collection in a DH way?

The Social Life of DH: Building Lightweight Platforms for DH Collaboration

Sierra Eckert

The Social Life of DH: Building Lightweight Platforms for DH Collaboration

We, the Early Novels Databse, are interested in collaborating with other projects in imagining new uses for our metadata and for building lightweight platforms for collaboration in DH. We’re interested in discussing questions like: How do you build and sustain collaborations between DH projects? How can similar projects be connected in and sustained for resource sharing for digital projects?

Collaborative Notes Document>>